In Cryptonomicon, Neal Stephen introduced us to the concept of 'fuck you money', that is, the amount of money one would need to be able to say 'fuck you!' to anyone in the world. I have discovered how to do this with $0, and so tend to appear very wealthy. Financially, though, I am a mendicant, and expect to be one until such a time that my full set of skills is in high demand.

I made a decision to quit the way of being that would've resulted in a comfortable career two years ago, with the hope that you, too, would one day leave it, so we can all play a newer game. The only thing preventing me from squatting in wilderness areas in a nomadic cycle of survival is the largesse of people who love me or appreciate what I give to the world. This has its limits. While they are in the top 25% of most financially well-off people globally, they're not in the top 1%. I do have an future-income-sharing agreement with two other people who are in my boat, so if our boat rises, we will float.

Soon, you will be able to find an inventory of all my physical objects here, as well as recurrent costs and a list of things I am trying to acquire. For starters, food tends to cost $200 a month in Ohio (it was much cheaper in Idaho, and I anticipate it being cheaper again). My car insurance costs $70 a month. Gas is rising, to about $80 a month (the biggest cost there is getting to and from the BJJ gym). The BJJ gym costs $163 a month. My wife has medical debt of around $10k. My mother will soon have similar, between $3-11k. My father's palliative care costs $700 a month. A higher food budget would lead to more protein, which would lead to me regaining my previous size, so if you want a swoleRay in the world, that's one way you could make it happen.

At the moment, the simplest way to put money in my bank account is to simply buy one of my books on Gumroad, given their modest take rate in comparison to Amazon. Alternatively, you could get several copies of the paperbacks or hardcovers and distribute them like people distribute Bibles.