Things vaguely like poetry, longform notes, and some verbal explorations. Unfinished notes can be found at An Agora, a multiplayer gathering of digital slipboxes.

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I also offer the service of making decisions for people, given the pain involved in making decisions. This costs US$250/decision for every decision after the first decision, which is free. Discounts for Eth, xDai, Solana, and USDC. I will take blame for all the results of this decision, and none of the praise. If you like the results of the decision, I will be happy to keep it a secret. If you don't like the results of the decision, I will be happy to own that decision publicly. E-mail me at ray[dot]doraisamy[at]gmail[dot]com if you would like me to make a decision.

Alternatively, for the equivalent of US$500 per point of blame, I will take the blame for any decision. This includes an ongoing explanation of how I am to blame for this decision.

Social media:

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TPOT Couch Surfing, a map of space available from This Part of Twitter.

Agitproper, propaganda strategization for anyone.

Arm Your Mind, combat tactics for people with little interest in combat tactics.

Foretrek, uniting teams.

If you ask, it's free, an album.

Hollow is The World, a stabby hard fantasy serial featuring Orbit to memorize a little of what the characters learn.

Wielding The Way: The Dao De Jing for internet natives. Available in paperback or eBook.

The Arena: Rise, Gamer- Every gamer has a skill they can use to win Life. Available as an eBook or hardcover.

Walks with Ray, a podcast.


Nth Culture Kid, an autobiography.

Circle of Kings, a low fantasy fiction inspired by Southern India and South-East Asia.

Abode of the Yielding Way, a combat playground and civilizational seed.

I am generally available for video chat or meatspace meetups (allowing for notice in advance), given the vagaries of time and space.