Things vaguely like poetry, longform notes, and some verbal explorations. Unfinished notes can be found at An Agora, a multiplayer gathering of digital slipboxes.

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I also offer the service of making decisions for people, given the pain involved in making decisions. This costs US$250/decision for every decision after the first decision, which is free. Discounts for Eth, xDai, Solana, and USDC. I will take blame for all the results of this decision, and none of the praise. If you like the results of the decision, I will be happy to keep it a secret. If you don't like the results of the decision, I will be happy to own that decision publicly. E-mail me at ray[dot]doraisamy[at]gmail[dot]com if you would like me to make a decision.

Alternatively, for the equivalent of US$500 per point of blame, I will take the blame for any decision. This includes an ongoing explanation of how I am to blame for this decision.

Social media:

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TPOT Couch Surfing, a map of space available from This Part of Twitter.

Agitproper, a decentralized organization to spin out propaganda machines.

Arm Your Mind, a collection of tactics.

Foretrek, a non-profit.

If you ask, it's free, an album.

Hollow is The World, a stabby hard fantasy serial featuring Orbit to memorize a little of what the characters learn.

Wielding The Way, an adaptation of the Dao De Jing available in paperback or eBook.

The Arena: Rise, Gamer is an appeal for gamers to lead society, available as an eBook or hardcover.

Walks with Ray, a podcast.


Nth Culture Kid, an autobiography.

Circle of Kings, a low fantasy fiction inspired by Southern India and South-East Asia.

Abode of the Yielding Way, a combat playground and civilizational seed.

I am generally available for video chat or meatspace meetups (allowing for notice in advance), given the vagaries of time and space.