Antoine Beaudet, a merriment of math and music.

i'm a mathematician who makes music, as well as other stuff. i do microtonality however, i am bad at klonoa :c currently working on a game Ü

Same QCU, a lover of games.

"philosopher gamer"

Mako Yass, a precision cutter of wisdom.

A stray philosopher-designer based in Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand

Eliot Redelman, an attacher extraordinaire.

I never had a plan. I was too busy exploring. I have a lot to write about.

Colton Dillion, a minding magician.

Actor - Designer - Engineer - Entrepreneur - Preceptor

Emma, a bemused muser.

A personal and anti-personal blog.

Adam Zerner, a prize pryer.

I'm a software developer and entrepreneur

Azatris, a delighting dissecter.

I do software engineering. I am also interested in: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Art and aesthetics

Natural Hazard, a divining delver.

I split my time between writing and scheming with my friends about how to jump-start an intellectual renaissance without getting corrupted by coalitional politics.

Strange Loop, a generative generalist.

I enjoy learning when the subject matter piques my interest.

Danica Wilbanks, a relentless analyst.

I’m an NSF Graduate Research Fellow working with Dr. Kurt Gray in the Deepest Beliefs Lab at UNC at Chapel Hill.

Colin Popell, an expansive control system.

I started in Physics, went into engineering, and have ended up in product management with a fondness for systems theory and pursuit of living a good life.

Neil Thawani, a digital educator.

I work as a software engineer, researcher and part-time K-12 computer science educator, applying the sum of my skills working at the intersection of engineering practice and STEAM+Computing education.

Judah, a looping doer.

If you're so smart, why aren't you mistaken?

Abstract Fairy, a persistent ponderer.

cookbooks do not feed the hungry, still stuck in plato's cave. seeking Resonance.

El Nazarov, a long bean.

I am a Digital Technology and Culture student studying in my senior year at Washington State University. On the internet I am blartblart.

Taalumot, a recorder of secrets.

Jewish. Zen. Divination.

Drew Schorno, a murmuring mummer.

Designer, Interactive Story Producer, Creative Technologist, and Clown.