Skill Boost: Escape Velocity

For anyone playing a competitive game who wants to improve their skill more dramatically. After these sessions, you will have the tools to:

Requirements: Whether it's electronic, in a cage, on the mat, or on a field, we will need to be able to regularly review video of you playing your game.

Cost: US$90 after you're out of the rut. Delivered through asynchronous feedback and weekly updates.

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Strategic Documentation

For remote-first organizations with less than two-hundred employees who are onboarding more than three people a year. After our documentation overhaul, you will:

Requirements: I must be enabled to talk to all your employees, read all your current documentation, shadow key personnel in each team, and lurk in all your communication channels for three months.

Cost: US$3500 after your documentation has been overhauled and you are confident in maintaining & extending your documentation system.

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Group Alignment Check

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Propaganda Strategization

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