Cat GIF Steganography

18 Feb 2019

Atropia and Donovia are at war. Atropia intercepts Donovia’s messages. The intelligence personnel who intercept Atropia’s messages are looking for movement plans and supply line chains. They find supply line information in the reports, as well as some private cat gif memes between Donovian personnel. This information goes up the chain, but Atropia’s intelligence didn’t think to look in the cat gifs for additional data. They miss the messages about movement plans in the cat gifs.

Similarly, using our usual systems makes it more difficult to see when there’s data hidden in the cat gif. It’s easy to dismiss the cat gif because it’s silly and useless.

The act of perfectly computing Alice is the same as creating Alice. Accordingly, not everything is practically computable. In dismissing some processes as irrational/stupid/based on faulty theory/etc, one is dismissing the cat gifs and throwing data away. It would be nice if Donovia made it easy for Atropia and delivered all their messages in excel sheets, but they’ve got no reason to do that. Instead, Atropia has to look at stupid cat memes in order to properly understand more of Donovia.