Atomic Habits as an OODA loop

26 Jun 2020

Observe the Cue that starts the habit. This is the trigger that sets of the process of your behavior.
When I go into the office in the morning…

Orient toward the Craving. Notice if you are attracted or repelled by it.
I notice I crave a Mocha Monster energy drink. I am attracted to it because caffeine is ‘good’ at work.

Decide if you want the habit (does it fit with your strategic direction?). If you want it, make it attractive. If you don’t want it, make it unattractive.
I decide I don’t want the energy drink, so I’m going to see how it doesn’t fit with my strategic direction. I need all my resources for my path, and the extra spent on an energy drink could be used elsewhere. In addition, I could use a low caffeine tolerance for moments when I might actually need the boost for my path.

Act on the habit and reinforce it with a reward if it’s the habit you want.
I drink water.