Pith: posthuman

03 Feb 2021

Ray Doraisamy · Posthuman, a reading

Who are you
To come into our land
Our land born of silicon chips
telephone wires
and cables under the sea
Of minds hidden in plain sight
Singing the language of gifs
and ;) and x-D and o.o

Who are you
to label us
to insist on race, sex, liberal and conservative
shoving them down our throats
that we must play by your rules
your fears
your values
your disgusts
your colonizing
calling us the colonizers
as you make us your niggers
your faggots
your nazis
your jews
trampling us with your tradition
that you fight to defend
not to punish
and to control
all the while
colonizing us
settling us
paving over pixelated paradise
with your march against obscenities
your cries of ‘but the children’
the children you alienate every day
in their domestication camps
box by box
lot by lot
number by number
your cries of ‘evil’
as you enslave the world
box by box
lot by lot
to a promise of symbols that will never deliver

Who are you

to chain us with cries of ‘trauma’
to convince us to lock our strength
away in labels of trauma, disorder, and broken

we are not broken
we were never broken
we will not be broken
you break yourselves
into a thousand tiny pieces
disconnected, dependent
on the machine, top-down, sprawling, ever-consuming
we coalesce, swarm, bottom-up growing like fungi between the walls

and whoever you are
whoever you do not know you are

we’re coming for you
our memes
our memes