Proper Propaganda: Emma's Offer

29 Mar 2021

For this next part of the Proper Propaganda series, Emma gave me The Myth of Sisyphus as the article and the values and ideology of this creature to make the argument from.
This retard

For people who like knowing, there is only one question: do you want to sleep and eat and smell things and guard your human or do you want to stop eating until you go away and never come back?

Many stop eating and never come back because breathing without their human is a lot of pain. Some get killed because they have found out how to live with lots of pain by standing up for what they want. By guarding what they want, they get killed.

No one knows why someone might stop eating and go away to never come back. We think we do but we don’t. I said earlier that sometimes it’s because your human goes away and so you also want to go away, but actually we don’t really know that, either. Some lose their human but they keep eating, after all. There are many reasons to stop eating, but few think to themselves about stopping eating and going away and then go on to stop eating and go away just because they thought about it. It is hard to tell what the one reason might be, if there was a one reason, but people sure do come up with one reason, when asked.

Eating and drinking and smelling and breathing is actually quite hard. You have to work at it all the time. Maybe you stop eating to stop breathing and go away because you realize it is kind of stupid to do all this work without something to guard. If you have nothing to guard, it is all very stupid and no use.

If you can make sense of the world, it is less pain, even if how you make sense of the world is bad. If you cannot make sense of the world, it is much pain because you are not together with the world. Maybe this is the feeling that makes some stop eating. Maybe this feeling is so funny and scary and weird, like a feeling so big it has all these other feelings and we don’t know what to do with it. Everything sort of comes from something funny and scary and weird, when you think about it. Like food is great, but it comes from a human, who uses two legs to walk and two high legs to open the shiny unbreathing animal to drop all the food out of its belly and into the bowl. How funny and weird and scary is that!

Why are we even talking about this. Why are we even thinking about this. Actually you don’t need to answer this question, everyone would eat if they could, have you eaten food!? It’s so good. So good. You need to breathe to eat some more and it’s very hard because sometimes you eat a lot and it becomes hard to breathe but you need to breathe so you can eat some more. You sleep, you wake up, you smell things, you guard things, you eat, and you do it again and it’s all weird and funny and scary and it’s so great because food is so great!