Upcoming Projects:

Life Kills: A Southeast Asian Perspective. An audio series looking at fights to see how people learn to live together. This will be a polished, edited podcast to contrast against 'Walks with Ray'.

Current Projects:

Agitproper, propaganda strategization for anyone.

Foretrek, uniting teams.

Walks with Ray, a podcast showcasing how thoughts arise from walking.

A Submission Grappling class at the local recreation center to test a curriculum using the ecological approach and to build a jumping off point toward the Live-Action Battle Arena.

Shelved Projects:

Arm Your Mind, combat tactics for people with little interest in combat tactics. I started this in response to the panic of 2020, it does not seem to have much of a need now. Though, I may go back and start filling things in later.

Circle of Kings, a low fantasy fiction inspired by Southern India and South-East Asia. I hatched this when I was in India, and without interacting with at least one Indian every day, it's hard to stay in the mindspace required for this story.

Nth Culture Kid, an autobiography. I expect this to flow out if we're expecting a child. Otherwise, it does not seem to have a reason to come out.

Abode of the Yielding Way, a combat playground and civilizational seed. Needs building blocks. Which means a minimum viable Live-Action Battle Arena and some land.

Dropped Projects:

Hollow is The World, a stabby hard fantasy serial featuring Orbit to memorize a little of what the characters learn. It was self-indulgent.

If you ask, it's free, an album. It was an experiment, now learned from and done.

The Niobrara Project: 'Deep Springs College on the frontier for adults' is still something of a dream, but perhaps we'll end up with less of a college and more of the civilizational seed, at a smaller scale.