So here it is. What I want. My mission- what I want to do as I am dying.

Spread with life, to spread life.

Humanity will find a new way to care for life and remember that it is bound to each other. A new way to love, want, and desire born from all that came before. I am here to help this way take root.

For this, I will need to help make many more ways to get food and water. More ways to let energy flow through us all, as well as ways to spread those things- which includes ways to fight and move together.

Agitproper is there because in a world of trillions, stories are needed to go places. For example, if you really want an outsider elected to government office, you'll probably need to put an archetype in front of people's eyes- a story to show how different norms can work well. Foretrek is there because without unity and trust, groups will never find the courage to explore what life can do. So what else is needed? Figuring out ways to agree, which include agreeing to fight. To spread life further, all the ways that humans have lived will need to be used and accounted for. So I take as big a bite of those ways as I can, and digest them for my living. Getting food from the land in a way that does not tax it is often on my mind now, and so getting land to grow with is a current priority. The land, after all, is for growing. Thankfully, I am surrounded by people who have obsessed about plants and the land, so as soon as I have land to obsess over, their obsessions should be easily employed by my own.

A higher priority of mine is getting people together to learn how to move. I don't think there's anything more fun than learning how to move when someone is trying to move against you, so bringing more of the spirit of wargames to life is what I'm working on. Part of the reason this is a higher priority to me than the land, for example, is that, actually, very few people obsess over how to win wars- far fewer people than those who obsess about land. As an example of what I intend to do, this Rainbow 6 trailer might give you an idea of the kind of sport I'd like to start- but it goes beyond that. Consider any Battle Royale, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or even First-Person Shooter game you've played. Turning that into a fully embodied experience, bringing the war ritual back into sport, is something that will give people the means to learn how to have the courage to live the lives they want to live. Business people (and all other sorts) parrot mantras connected to virtues refined in war, but have no idea of the experience those words are pointing at. Modern soldiers learn to march- but their marching would be more useful to them if, having attempted to simulate killing each other with spears, they came to rediscover the value of synchronizing their movements. Further, a drone pilot who has been punched and has punched someone will be more likely to understand how to win a conflict better than one who has never experienced that visceral moment. To understand more of life, it is vital to feel life at its most intense. The kind of bonds that are made in hard competition are bonds that we'll need to spread life. So that is my part of the mission, at the moment.